The Desi Deception – Interview w/Pabitra Benjamin

When you are at a South Asian establishment, do you wonder how the other South Asian workers are treated? Unfortunately, many South Asian American business owners mistreat their own South Asian employees by threatening to call ICE on undocumented workers, human trafficking, wage theft, harsh working conditions, and taking advantage that their employees don’t speak/understand English.

It’s easy for us to complain about the current political situation on social media, but how many of us are looking within and realizing the many issues we complain about are happening within our own community?

As we end Women’s History Month, check out our latest interview with Pabitra Benjamin, the Executive Director of Adhikaar, a women founded organization catering to the Nepali American community. We chat about the many instances where South Asians take advantage of their own, bring the same racism from the subcontinent and apply it here in America, and how we can start having conversations to change workers rights within our own community. Remember change begins with us and it’s time for us to stop deceiving our own.

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