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Check out the WiseUp TX resources for the Black Lives Matter movement. We got infographics, an action plan, and the video of our latest webinar!   Civics & Chai Webinar: WiseUp and Become an Ally     Resources A Guide for South Asian Allyship During the Black Lives Matter Movement Local Texas Organizations to Donate 

We all know how Super Tuesday turned out for the Presidential Candidates but how about the down ballot races in Texas? Lots of South Asians ran on both the Congressional and State levels! Punam and Azra talk about how South Asian candidates fared and discuss results of the races with a heavy South Asian population. Tune in to hear all this and how South Asians could make a difference in the upcoming November election.

The Iowa caucus is TODAY! You may be wondering what is a caucus, how do they work, are there differences between a Republican and Democratic caucus, etc… Don’t worry–we are here to help you WiseUp on what is a caucus! Tune in to hear more!

You rarely hear about a Bengali Texan running for office but guess what? There is one! Meet Donna Imam, who is running for Congress in TX31! TX31 encompasses parts of Austin, Roundrock, Leander, and other northern suburbs. Tune in to hear more about her political platform and if elected, how she intends to improve healthcare, education, and real pay for all.

Judge KP George, representing the Fort Bend county area, was one of the first South Asian judges elected in Texas. Tune in to hear more about what a county judge does, what prompted him to run for office, the hurdles he overcame, and how he hopes to move a fractured South Asian community forward after the visit of Prime Minister Modi. **Interview was done at TribFest on September 27, 2019.**

Check out our latest interview with, Asma Uddin, the founder of altMuslimah and the author of the book, “When Islam is not a Religion”. The book takes a look at religious freedom in the United States through the prism of attacks on the constitutional rights of American Muslims. We discuss what motivated her to write on this topic and the reason why she chose the title for her book.

Tune in to hear about some exciting updates about WiseUp TX!  We are also joined by one of our awesome interns, Areeba Amer, to discuss the Millennial v. Gen Z thoughts on the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates we saw at the Texas Tribune Festival last weekend.

A majority of the 2020 Presidential candidates are placing environmental policy at the top of their platforms. We hear so many terms such as, climate change, global warming, the Green New Deal, etc, etc…. But, what do all these terms mean? Thankfully, the founders of Our Daily Planet (Monica and Miro) are here to unpack the meaning of these terms and talk about where Texas and National politics are heading in terms of the environment....

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