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WiseUp with US House Candidate Donna Imam - WiseUp Texas

WiseUp with US House Candidate Donna Imam

Punam Kaji talks to Donna Imam, running for the United States House of Representatives.  She is running as a democrat in the 37th District, which covers a good portion of Austin, Texas.  Among other things, Donna talks about how she would tackle the increasing cost of living in Texas, including housing prices.  She shares how her last run for the U.S. House helped turnout a large base of voters, and how she hopes to inspire people to come out and vote in the Primary and the Midterm this year.

Read more about her campaign on her website here.

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WiseUp TX is non-partisan and does not support any candidates or political party.  But, we love to hear from South Asian candidates, and other candidates who want to talk to our South Asian followers! WiseUp TX interviews candidates who (1) reach out to us (2) are running in regions with Asian population density and/or (3) are of South Asian descent. For the general election, WiseUp TX makes an effort to reach out to key opponents.

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