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We all know how Super Tuesday turned out for the Presidential Candidates but how about the down ballot races in Texas? Lots of South Asians ran on both the Congressional and State levels! Punam and Azra talk about how South Asian candidates fared and discuss results of the races with a heavy South Asian population. Tune in to hear all this and how South Asians could make a difference in the upcoming November election.

We finally debut our very first WiseUpWisdom video! As we all know the election is less than a month away and we are all suffering from election fatigue. With the overload of information you see on social media it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Not only that there are those people who just love to be annoying on social media. We felt the best way to deal with these annoying people was to learn to...

Besides the Presidential race you will be voting on several local elections. Find out Hoo else you will be voting for and how they will impact your day to day lives! Finally, you can now check out the updated Voter Info page – here you can find your sample ballot, polling location and your local newspaper endorsements!

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