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Abbas Hasan, Author at WiseUp Texas

Author: Abbas Hasan

Abbas Hasan is currently a senior in High School, and is working towards studying political science in college. He is an active member of his community, and enjoys writing and editing for his school newspaper, The Evergreen. Abbas understands the importance of sharing different people’s point of view. Abbas also enjoys reading, spending time on social media, and visiting new parts of Dallas with his friends.

On Sunday June 18th, my love for Pakistan grew exponentially. As Hassan Ali got the last man out, millions of Pakistanis around the world, myself included, jumped for joy. Somehow, Pakistan had defeated the best cricket team in the world, India. Indian fans left the stadium in droves while a sea of Pakistan flags waved energetically around the cricket ground. My mother, seated next to me, had tears in her eyes: a combination of disbelief...

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