Author: Hassan Shaikh

Born and bred in the Lone Star State, Hassan is a proud Texan living in Durham, North Carolina. He is a second year student at the Duke University School of Law and holds a Bachelor's and Master's in Public Health from Baylor University. In 2016 he founded The Crescent Coalition, a non-partisan organization working to empower South and Central Asian American’s involvement in the federal government. Formerly, Hassan worked for the U.S. Department of State's White House Liaison Office. His unique position at the intersection of the State Department and White House provided him with exposure to some of the nation's most influential SCA leaders. He hopes to use their stories to inspire the next generation of SCA leaders. You can learn more about The Crescent Coalition, contact its Board, donate to the cause, and connect with its Facebook and Twitter through its website – www.thecrescentcoalition.com

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