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Talking about the Equal Rights Amendment with Jamia Wilson - WiseUp Texas

Talking about the Equal Rights Amendment with Jamia Wilson

Did you know that men and women are not considered equal under the US Constitution? Yes, you read that correctly. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a bipartisan movement to guarantee equal rights for all US citizens regardless of gender. There needs to be 38 states to ratify (approve) this legislation so Congress can add it to the US Constitution. Currently, only 37 states have ratified it.

It’s Women’s History Month and this is the perfect time to bring up this relevant issue.

I chat with Jamia Wilson, the Executive Director of the Feminist Press, about her advocacy fighting for the ERA, why the ERA is so important, and what we can do to ensure this legislation moves forward. Jamia and I both want to tell our future children that they live in a place where both genders are considered equal under the US Constitution.

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