A Conversation on Environmental Policy with Our Daily Planet

A majority of the 2020 Presidential candidates are placing environmental policy at the top of their platforms. We hear so many terms such as, climate change, global warming, the Green New Deal, etc, etc…. But, what do all these terms mean?

Thankfully, the founders of Our Daily Planet (Monica and Miro) are here to unpack the meaning of these terms and talk about where Texas and National politics are heading in terms of the environment. Whether it is the economy, food, or the current refugee crisis, environmental policy impacts almost every single thing in our lives.

We also discuss how we can initiate conversations about the environment with our friends and family members, because it’s time we start DOING something about it.

Some of the questions for the interview were compiled by our intern Grace Stanley!

Photo for this post is by GMB Akash. Follow his on Instagram @gmbakash

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