Interview with Lt. Gov Mike Collier

Tune in and hear about Mike Collier's background and why he thinks he is a better candidate for Lt. Governor.

The position of Lt. Governor is considered to be one of the most powerful positions in Texas government. The Lt. Governor has the ability to kill legislation within the Texas Senate, administer procedural maneuvers to by pass the minority party’s votes, and effectively have a hand in the many policies the state legislature passes. If the Lt. Governor doesn’t like a particular bill or policy—it’ll just die in the Senate.

Our current Lt. Governor is Dan Patrick (R).

According to the Texas Monthly, during Lt. Patrick’s term he advocated for balancing the state budget, cracking down on sanctuary cities, a voucher plan where parents can use tax dollars to send their children to private schools, more funding for the Child Protective Services, lowering property taxes, and the notorious bathroom bill (a transgender person must go to the bathroom that corresponds to their gender at birth not the one they identify with).

Dan Patrick’s opponent Mike Collier (D) thinks he can do the job better. Tune in and hear about Mike Collier’s background and why he thinks he is a better candidate for Lt. Governor.

Finally, you can learn more about Mike Collier here.

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