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Interview with Sri Preston Kulkarni - WiseUp Texas

Interview with Sri Preston Kulkarni

Tune in and hear about Mike Collier's background and why he thinks he is a better candidate for Lt. Governor.

Our first interview is with Sri Preston Kulkarni, He is running in Texas Congressional District 22 which encompasses the cities of Sugarland, Pearland, and Katy.

To learn more about him, check out his campaign page here.

Important things to note:

  • Texas is an OPEN PRIMARY!
    • Which means you do not need to register with any political party to vote in their Primary.
    • You can choose to vote in the Republican or Democratic Primary, but NOT BOTH!
  • The deadline to register to vote in the March Primary has passed.
  • BUT, If you voted in the 2016/2017 election and HAVE NOT MOVED there is no need to register again and you can still vote!
  • He is running for a position for the federal government (U.S. Congress).
  • He is running in the Democratic Primary.
  • He is running against four other opponents in the Democratic Primary, which means every. vote. counts.
  • Early Voting for the Primary begins February 20th until March 2nd.
  • Primary Election Day is March 6th.
  • To learn more about the candidates running in both the Republican and Democratic Primary for TX-22 District, click here.

Our main takeaways from the interview:

  • We are big fans of his efforts to work across the aisle.
    • Bipartisanship is becoming a rarity in D.C. but is badly needed.
  • Someone can always write your website for you but if you can’t provide answers to the issues affecting your district and the state as a whole, that’s a huge problem.
    • Luckily, Kulkarni is incredibly knowledgeable on the issues impacting his district.
  • His vast range of experience working for the federal government will enable him to have an upper hand of understanding how the federal government works and utilize the connections he made in D.C..
  • He is not running an anti-Trump campaign, he is running a campaign to properly represent the people of his district.
    • Given the current political climate, many are trying to run a campaign against the hateful rhetoric from the far right. But, that doesn’t always make you the best candidate for your district.
    • The best candidate understands the needs and concerns of their district while standing up for what they believe in and Kulkarni recognizes this.

So, tune in to hear more about his platform and what motivated him to run for office.

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