Interview with Congressman Beto O’Rourke

Beto O'Rourke is running for US Senate against Senator Ted Cruz. Check out my interview with him at the Texas Tribune Festival. We discussed healthcare, education, Islamophobia and his refusal to accept PAC money instead utilizing a grassroots campaign.

I had the opportunity to see Congressman O’Rourke speak at the Texas Tribune Festival last year and it was my first glimpse of the suave and openly outspoken politician. I distinctly remember during the panel a politician talked about Latinos in a derogatory way and Beto had no qualms to call him out. It was at that moment that I became fascinated as to who he is.  So, when he announced his candidacy for Cruz’s Senate seat, I was intrigued. Could Beto actually formulate a good campaign to oust Cruz from the Senate? Is this a far fetched dream?

Beto seems to be gaining momentum in Texas as a fresh new voice, being more personable and most importantly not being Ted Cruz. Beto is running a grassroots campaign, refusing PAC money, doesn’t want other big shot Democratic politicians to campaign for him, essentially he wants to keep it purely for the people of Texas. And as a Texan, I have nothing but respect for that stance.

Disregarding Senator Cruz’s stance on certain issues, Cruz has not cared for the South Asian and Muslim community in Texas. For the most part, I attempt to stay impartial on candidates (Trump was a whole another story). I like both Republicans and Democrats but I can’t stay silent about Cruz. While running for President, Cruz talked about policing Muslim American mosques, didn’t bother to meet with his Texas-Muslim constituents and continues to use the phrase “Radical Islamic Terrorism” which only insinuates a negative portrayal of Islam. Texas has one of the largest Muslim and South Asian populations in America and if Senator Cruz is unwilling to cater to that segment of the population then there is no need for us to support him. Senator Cruz has not and will not work for the best interests of South Asian and Muslim Texans.

Challenging an incumbent is always difficult which is why we want our community to hear what Beto has to say. And if you like what he’s got to say then get pumped to campaign for him in 2018 because he is going to need every single vote.

Finally, if you want to WiseUp and learn more about Beto, check out his website.

P.S. We apologize for the background sound, we had to record at the UT Union on such short notice. Shoutout to Congressman O’ Rourke for being so accommodating!

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