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November, Women, and the Kavanaugh Confirmation - WiseUp Texas

November, Women, and the Kavanaugh Confirmation

I attended some policy festivals and panels these past two weeks: The Texas Tribune Festival (Austin), the Atlantic Festival (DC), and the Women Who Impact panel (IMPACT). We’ve had a pretty tumultuous few weeks with the Kavanaugh hearing and drama–so of course this topic was prevalent at all the events. Other major themes across all three events are the topics of the November 2018 midterm elections and WOMEN!

Tune in to hear my recap of these panels and my thoughts as to what is in store for us this November! Finally, check out some of the photos from the events discussed in the podcast segment!

Photos from the Supreme Court and US Capitol as Justice Kavanaugh is confirmed

Photos from The Atlantic Fest.

Pictured: Secretary Hillary Clinton, Senators Jeff Flake and Chris Coons, Congresswoman Pelosi, and KellyAnne Conway

Pictures from the Texas Tribune Festival

Pictures are from the Beto Rally w/Willie Nelson, Neal Katyal (he argued against the Muslim Ban in the SCOTUS), Panel with Senator Klobuchar, Sally Yates (acting AG who was fired under Trump for not enforcing the Muslim Ban), and other photos from around Tribune Festival

Pictures from the Women Who Impact panel hosted by IMPACT

Pictured: Congresswoman Jayapal, Senator Kamala Harris, and Seema Nanda and Neera Tandon.

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