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Sana Meghani, Author at WiseUp Texas

Author: Sana Meghani

Sima Ladjevardian is running for United States Congress as the Democratic candidate.  The 2nd Congressional district covers the west part of Houston, and extends around the north side of the city, including some suburbs.  Sima talks about her story as an immigrant, and what she envisions for our country from immigration reform to managing the Covid-19 pandemic.  Before deciding to run for office herself, she worked to help other candidates as a political activist (including...

State Representative Ed Thompson currently represents District 29, which includes Pearland and other suburbs south of Houston.  He talks about his service in this district as the State Rep. since 2012 and his current run as the Republican candidate.  He talks about the Covid-19 pandemic and its toll, but also about the continued economic growth and opportunity despite it. Learn more about him on his website. WiseUp TX is a nonpartisan nonprofit and does not...

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